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What is SNS?
SNS is an Online Shipments Notification System to be used by Importers of Medical Devices to notify SFDA about the upcoming shipments.
Who will use SNS?
- MDs Importers
- SFDA staff at DPOE

Advantage of Shipments Notification System (SNS)
- Minimize clearance time at (Designated Ports Of Entries) DPOE which reduces shipment cost for importers.
- Satisfying end users by early delivery of their Medical Devices (MDs).
- To register the imported shipments in SFDA database.
- Heads up of SFDA special requirements, if any for some MDs.
- Pre-shipments notification will allow SFDA to allocate proper resources.

To notification the new shipment click Here
 Ports of Entry SFDA Code City
1. King Khalid international Airport RAP Riyadh
2. Dry Port RDP Riyadh
3. Jeddah Islamic Sea port JSP Jeddah
4. King Abdul-Aziz International Airport JAP Jeddah
5. King Abdul-Aziz sea port  DSP Dammam
6. King Fahad International airport DAP Dammam
7. King Fahad causeway DBP Dammam
8. Hadithah Port , Jordan Boarder QDP Quariat
9. Batha Port , UAE boarder BBP Batha